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Naqsbandi Ent., Global Exporters of fresh products are based in Faisalabad, Pakistan. We export mainly fresh fruit and vegetables from Pakistan to numerous countries all over the world. Apart from supplying products from the local farmers we also have our own farms in Punjab where we produce a number of fruits & vegetables.

However, the main operations take place on the large number of fertile orchards that we have sourced across Pakistan. Each year, we have provided the top quality fresh fruits & Vegetables from Pakistan at an international standard.

Quality Assurance...

" In order to meet with the International market requirements in terms of quality & food safety, Naqshbandi Ent. has make sure the product’s quality from orchards to processing factories, from treatments to packing & transportation by the dedicated staff. This process is closely monitored to keep maintaining the top quality and the freshness of the Fruits & Vegetables."

Did You Know?

Pakistan Facts:
  • Pakistan is the 3rd largest Exporter of Mango in the world
  • Pakistan produces 1.5 million tons/season of Citrus fruit
  • More then 2 million tons potato are produced in Pakistan.
  • Pakistan is the biggest Vegetable & fruit producing country
  • Largest Cannal system in the world for irrigation
  • Area wise Pakistan is 4 times greater than UK
  • Pakistan holds 6th position in the world with the population of 170 million peoples
  • Pakistan has 2 deep water sea ports, Bin Qasim and Gawadar port
  • Pakistan has the 2nd biggest reserve of Natural salt at "Khewra Salt mine"
  • The oldest civilization in the world about 5000 years
  • K2 is the 2nd highest mountain of world.
  • Pakistan have the 4 seasons Winter, autumn, Spring & Summer
  • Variety in the weather conditions of Pakistan, ranges from -60 'C to +56 'C
  • Cholistan, Thar and Thal are the biggest desserts in the world

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Mob: +92 (0) 300 6687 546
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